Getting an ESTA visa is necessary if you are thinking of visiting USA. Having an ESTA visa will no longer require you to apply for other visas to enter the country.

To start applying for an ESTA, you have complete the requirements first. You can only start with the next steps if you are already ready with the requirements. You can find several websites that cater ESTA applications from applicants from other countries. ESTA visas do not have expirations so if you already have one, there is no need for a reapplication in the future. ESTA visa holders have more chances of entering the United States than others.

Important Things to Consider Before Applying for ESTA Visa

You should know that not all countries are authorized to handle ESTA applications so you should first know if your country is part of the list.

If you are planning to visit US for more than 3 months, you may not be allowed to apply for an ESTA visa. The success of your visa application will largely depend on the purpose of your trip. Whether you are going on a business trip or a leisure trip, you should process your visa based on the reason of your trip.

Prior to submitting any request for ESTA visa, an important requirement is your passport. Your visa processing will only start once you have a machine-readable passport.

If you already have your requirements ready, you should start looking for a website that accepts ESTA visa applications. You need to search for a legitimate website that is handled by an authorized immigration agency. Before filling out any online form, check ESTA website if it is an authorized page.

After submitting your requirements and filling out the online form, you will receive a priority number, usually in your email address. You will then undergo a personal interview with an officer. If it is still your first trip to the US, you need to answer a number of security questions. Remember that you will be refused with a visa if you fail to answer the security questions correctly. If your visa application is approved, it does not automatically mean that you are granted entry to the US.

To get better chances of approval, you need to ready a few things before your scheduled interview. You should have your passport ready before anything else. You need to have your flight tickets ready for the interview as evidence of the reason of your stay in the US. You may also need to deposit a sufficient amount of funds in your bank account and bring a copy of your bank statement. You will know your ESTA status in a few days your interview. Find out more at
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